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A Tribute to Paul Rand

By June 15, 2009Graphic Design


Daniel Lewandowski has put together a pretty amazing tribute website to Paul Rand. It’s chock full of his posters, logos, writing and includes a gallery of photos from his life. Not to sound any more geek than I usually do, but my web handle is ‘paulrandfan’ and has been since I was a sophomore in college. I just love his work and find inspiration in his outlook and approach to graphic design and the values-based approach that has evolved in large part because of him.

If you are unfamiliar with Paul Rand or his body of work, it’d be well worth your time to search the site, as he’s done a lot of things you’d be familiar with. Such examples include the original UPS logo that was in use till about two years ago and still partially is. He is also responsible for ABC network logo, the IBM logo, the Cummins Diesel logo and the Westinghouse logo.

{image via me}

One Comment

  • Melanie says:

    I first I thought the title of the post was Tribute to Paul Rudd. which I totally saw on another blog today. I was wondering why Paul Rudd was so popular today. Paul Rand is awesome too.