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Meal Planning (7/26-8/1)


We’re back from vacation! Still playing a little bit of catch-up, but definitely not as much as I thought we would be, so that’s a relief.


Vacation food-wise was good. Since we opted to cabin-camp rather than tent camp, we were actually able to store/prep most of our meals, saving us quite a bit of money and making things really easy with Beeb.

Getting back on the track of food prep this week. We split our week up to take advantage of some sales. Have you ever done that? Lucky’s had chicken breasts and chicken brats on sale this week for an amazing price. So the first part of the week will be chicken on chicken with mashers and beans, and the latter half of the week is still a little in the air — most likely something crockpot. I just didn’t want to do chicken all week, so I’m hoping the sales will deliver.


I find that not only do we get fresher food by splitting the week, we waste less food as well. We’re close enough to a grocery store (several actually) that it’s not a huge drive/hassle, and we only buy what we need.

Additionally, we’ve started doing two grocery stores in our weekly shopping. We’re doing Lucky’s for meat and veg, followed by Gerbes (Kroger) for canned/jars and anything to round out the week.


Beeb meals are shredded chicken with lots of fruit and veggies. I continue to love that her first experiences with food are in the summer, there are so many easy options and she’s really good at feeding herself. I’m thinking in the next few weeks I’m going to buy her a lunch box. I’ve been just throwing her cubes in a resealable bag, but I think we’re ready for a lunch box and a few new food items to accompany her bento box.

We’ve also been buying a few things frozen (squash, corn, broccoli, and sweet potato) and thawing/warming them in a pinch or for daycare to round out her meal, which has been really convenient.

All this to say, I feel like we’re really in a groove for the week, and that always makes me happy!

What are you eating this week?