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Another week, and so many activities

By January 30, 2009Uncategorized
{image via Mark & Anna}

{image via Mark & Anna}

This week has gone by reasonably fast, and slowly managing to keep Neil’s head above Cabin Fever territory. I guess I’m used to it. I grew up being cooped up, sometimes trapped by weather and it being seemingly dark outside all the time. I just plug along and try to remember that the boredom that one sometimes finds themselves in during the dead of winter has it’s other end…and that for us is going to be extremely busy. We do have a lot to keep us busy. Our list for the weekend includes:

  • Cleaning the Freezer and sorting the good, the bad and ugly of what my parents left behind.
  • Making our garden and vegetable plan for this spring.
  • Going craft shopping (poor Neil!)
  • Cleaning up what’s left of all the dirt that was tracked in by the snowstorm.
  • Digging some of our books out of our storage area.
  • Clean the yucky bathrooms.
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Bathe the Kittehs.
  • Take the Christmas stuff downstairs. (I can’t believe it’s taken a month to get the boxes upstairs, take the stuff down, and another week to take the boxes downstairs. We’re horrible.)
  • Go to church….and the gym!
  • Plan next weeks menu!

Have a great weekend. Go Cardinals!