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You know you're from Minnesota when…

By August 6, 2009Food

This is hilarious to you:

{Aaron Scamihorn, found via design work life}

In all reality though, lutefisk is the ickiest of the icky in traditional Scandanavian dishes. Thankfully, my heritage is mostly german, so I haven’t had to partake in a yearly slathering of the jellied fish, but I’ve had more than my stomach’s limit on a few occasions. If you need a mental comparison. It’s like lukewarm, jellied fish…that’s been sitting in a marshy area for about a week. Only thing I’ve had thats about as bad (to me) is pickled herring. I know I’ve been on a pre-fall craving frenzy, but this is one of the few holiday-ish things I don’t like nor look forward to. Here’s a pic:

{via Daily Biz}

Edited to add: This picture actually makes it look…good. Look at it glistening on that plate, almost looks like a dessert. Well its not. Do not be fooled by this photo. Darn.

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