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Belated Fourth

By July 14, 2015Holiday, Weekend

Some belated pictures from our Fourth of July weekend. We ended up kind of inviting ourselves to a BBQ, and had a lot of fun catching up with friends and enjoying the weather, which was perfect.

Kaitlan didn’t last too long into the fireworks — a combination of fear from the noise and being close to bedtime. We should have remembered her headphones, but we didn’t, so went home about halfway through the display. She did manage to eat a ton of fruit and pulled pork in addition to a bottle and a food packet, so she was a very happy baby for the most part.








She also got to meet her friend A for the first time, and even though they were both feeling a little clingy and possessive of their respective moms, I think they will play together very nicely here in a few months for tailgate season.