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Breakfast for Dinner and Clive’s Latest Acquisition

By October 6, 2011October 7th, 2011Clive, Food, Paleo


I’m trying to get better at posting things here as they happen, but that didn’t work as last night we were completely wiped out from Crossfit and a big heaping Paleo-style breakfast for dinner.

The WOD (workout of the day) was intense. Fifteen minutes of as many of these as you can manage for time: 10 burpees, 30 double-unders (jump rope double turns, increased to 90 if you were only doing singles) and a 200 meter run. All on the outdoor pavement. We were sweaty and dirty when we hopped back in the car and realized we had a lot of miscellaneous ingredients but no plan for dinner.


We stopped by the store and wandered around thinking of ideas before settling on breakfast for dinner. Well, we really didn’t settle, I was jumping for joy around the store. I love breakfast for dinner! We picked up some turkey bacon and millet for our eggs. Neil’s mom used to put millet in scrambled eggs all the time when he and his brothers were little. He hated it, but likes it quite a bit now. Isn’t it funny how tastes change when you get older?


Millet is technically not Paleo, but it is gluten-free. It’s also packed with vitamins and nutrition, specifically Phosphorus and Magnesium, which are good for recovery and repair.


We also prepped some sweet potato hash browns. Don’t they look oddly like shredded cheese? They didn’t really stick together, but they were delicious and simple.


Such a good dinner, we were so full! One sweet potato made an entire plate of hash browns. The turkey bacon surprised us as as being really more like thinly sliced ham than bacon, but it was still really good. I did shed a tear for absent pancakes that I typically love at breakfast at dinners, but my sister heard my plight and gave me a recipe to try, so hopefully I’ll be able to bring them back. I really do love pancakes.

Afterward we tried out Clive’s latest wardrobe addition, a blue fleece jacket from Neil’s mom, and watched him prance around in it. Sorry for some of the blurry photos, he’s so hard to keep still and take pictures of:




It’s still a little warm outside, but hopefully he’ll get to wear it soon. He loves clothes so much, is that normal? I need to take video of him in clothes. He sticks his chest out and stands a little taller. I think he feels clothes make him more human? Maybe I’m giving him too much credit?