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Weekend of Sloth

By February 28, 2012Cats, Dogs, Matilda, Weekend


This weekend was particularly, slothy? While we got work done on freelance projects, it was mostly in our pajamas in between naps, recovering from a pretty intense WOD Friday after work — a 7-minute AMRAP of competition burpees. It was brutal.

This was no ordinary WOD. It was the first challenge for the CrossFit Open. Neil and I aren’t participating (we’re still newbs), but we wanted to give the challenge a try anyway, mainly so we can see how we progress throughout the year. I ended up with 80 burpees, and Neil did 90! Most of the competitors were in the 100’s, so I feel pretty good knowing I’ve only been doing CrossFit for a few months.

Even though I didn’t feel too hot after all those burpees (blame Endometriosis), I managed to make it to dinner with Lissa and Christa while Neil grabbed some take-out and vegged on the couch. Afterward, we both pulled on our PJ’s and spent the night playing computer games and watching videos of other people doing their burpees.



Around 11 pm we decided to put together a crock of chili. As signs of spring continue to arrive more and more, I feel our chili days are numbered. Since it was Oscar weekend, we decided to make the reddest chili we could think of. Red carpet = red chili! Since our kitchen window is currently wide-open to the public, our neighbors must think we’re nuts. It didn’t help that we were dancing around and watching SNL episodes from the ’90s. (btw – recipe coming!)


Saturday morning started bright and early with a client meeting at a coffee shop close to the house. Because most of our clients live out of state, this was a rare treat to conceptualize and receive feedback in person. We even lingered after the meeting was over and enjoyed breakfast since it was still early.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing work. I know, thrilling right? Around 8, we decided liven things up with a little cheat meal. Over the past six months (!!), we’ve kind of worked out a system for our cheats. We give ourselves one cheat day (3 meals or snacks total) a week. Early on, we tried to make the whole day a cheat, but rather than try to make consecutive meals “cheat,” we kind of use them whenever we need to throughout the week. Typically it ends up being one meal, and two snacks (ie soda, cookies, etc.). While some may be quick to say its indicative that our diet is restrictive, I think any balanced approach to eating would tell you to eat some things only sparingly, primarily processed foods and sugar.


The cheat meal this week was calzones. We’ve made them before, and they are super easy and fun to customize. Neil’s choice picks at the grocery store included pepperoni, spinach, mozzarella and ricotta. While I still love good mozz, my love of ricotta has seemingly waned since going Paleo. I found myself eating around it and pushing it away with my fork. Weird!


Sunday ended up being an impromptu all-day puppy play date. Anja and Steve needed a pup-sitter for Fred, so we spent the day watching pups and breaking up fights over toys.


Tildy showed us a new side of her personality that we’ve dubbed “ball-busting feminist.” She dominated the toys and trapped poor Fred on the bed and wouldn’t let him down…


Poor Fred!


Clive doing what he does best: DESTROY!


When she wasn’t being kind of a b*tch, she led the boys around on “expeditions” where they followed her around in total submission. Go Matilda!?


Maybe we have an alpha female on our hands?


Not to be outdone in the b*tch department, Libby joined in and planted herself around the house as an obstacle, attacking any unsuspecting dog that fell into her trap. Why have kids when you can spend hours creating creepy narrative for your pets?

And that was our weekend.

How did your weekend go?


  • Crash says:

    Love the picture of Libby…. “I dare anyone to enter my domain!”

  • Laura says:

    Great job on the WOD!

    I wish I looked as awesome as that guy in the video when I did burpees. I’m pretty sure I just look like a crazy person flailing around like a fish.

  • camille says:

    You’re just realizing that ricotta is straight up gross, which it is. Somehow most people can get around its miserable texture, who knows HOW, but if your restricted diet has brought you to the truth on this one, it’s clearly good for something.

    • Jessica says:

      It was just too much, too concentrated. I can’t believe I used to eat a lot of the things I used to. Thanks for stopping by, fellow Ricotta averter!