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Christmas Break

By January 4, 2014Christmas, Food, Holiday, Technology

Our Christmas was delightfully unstructured and relaxing this year. We took off the 23rd and 24th, so we enjoyed a full five days off work. It was amazing. We watched movies, napped, played computer games, and cleaned up around the house.

A little coffee before open gym at @CrossFitFringe

Finally on the last Die Hard movie. I appreciate how they at least attempted to make these movies match and really feel like a series...

Die Hard is now a Christmas tradition in our house — although I think we’ll stick to the first and second movies, the latter ones just go downhill completely.

I also baked cookies with Erica…

Baking with @ehopkinswadlow this xmas eve...

Chocolate-covered peanut butter Ritz Crackers. The most simple, and by far the biggest hit. I have a feeling we’ll be making these the moment the Whole30 challenge is over.

And baked bread. There is no better way to make your house smell awesome than freshly baked cookies and bread.

Portuguese-American Yeasted Cornbread is finished. #breadmaking #bread

Christmas Eve was Mexican with the family…

It's not Christmas at the Durboraw's unless there is authentic Mexican and you eat until you hate yourself.

All the good stuff: Tacos with slow-cooked shredded beef, Corn Pudding, Beans…

Christmas a burrito.

We had leftovers for days!

We opened gifts. Neil and I both bought each other new knives — Global is the brand that Anthony Bourdain recommends.

I consider it a good sign for your relationship it you feel comfortable gifting eachother knives. Yes we both bought the other knives. #eerie

We also bought new monitors for the studio — it’s really starting to look like a command center.

Happy last-minute write-off giftmas from the newly enhanced studio. Dual screens plus the TV we still need to fit back in. We are ready to work in 2014.

I am totally in love with my tea maker. And Neil received an inflatable Matzah ball. It came with a gift card in a holiday card for a manicurist. I can’t make this up!

All in all, a great Christmas!