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A coffee date of sorts

By August 24, 2016MK, Parenting, Travel, Weekend

How about a coffee date?

a coffee date of sorts

I really didn’t mean to let blogging fall off for the month. Life just got BUSY, and something had to give — basically everything but an insane amount of work across 3 jobs, caring for KK and Neil, and keeping my house from burning down. Probably a little extreme, but some days it felt about to that point.

So let’s chat. I see bloggers do these “coffee date” posts from time to time, and here’s mine.

KK's 2nd Birthday

As you might have seen, our little KK is two years old. TWO. She is just — ohhh I can’t get enough of her. Babies weren’t my strength, but I own at toddler wrangling. She’s just a little ball of exploration and sass. When you have a toddler, naturally people ask you about when you plan to have more kids, but I just can’t even get my mind there. Honestly, I’m just so in love with life right now, I never want it to change.

KK's 2nd Birthday

She had a cute little Doc McStuffins-themed birthday party thanks to her amazing auntie Rachel. Rachel is the master of event planning and I’m so jealous of her natural ability to think through things like food for a specific number of people and decorating with super simple materials. It was seriously adorable, especially the sugar-free cake, which I enjoyed all the next week.

KK's 2nd Birthday

She got super cute gifts this year, many already evidence of how much older she is in just a year. She got board games, Elsa dolls, Learning Resources toys, a hot wheel track, and plenty of Color Wonder markers. These muffins are her absolute favorite thing right now. My parents just bought the popsicle set. Their food toys are super cute as well. Half the fun of parenting is the toys.


I can say with confidence that we are about 80% functional at the Fringe 2.0. I think the consensus is that we are never moving again. Ever. It was so easy last time because we had half as many members and little to no equipment. This time, we had all the things, and our building underwent significant construction. A lot of things are getting done, but it’s a work in progress. It’s like when you move into a house, shit’s just a little crazy for a while. At least it is if you opt to do as much yourself as possible. Tyler is a machine and my hero. Can’t ask for a better friend and boss.


Even though we’re still dealing with construction, every time I walk through the door, I’m overcome with visions of what I see it looking like and all the things we’re going to do. I don’t own it, but man, I’m so passionate about that place. Aside from my family and pets, I’ve never been so in love with anything.

Other fun things of note. My brother got married this weekend! Eric is the older of my two younger brothers and has definitely always been kind of bolder, wilder of us three. He literally put Cheez-Its and pineapple on his wedding registry. I knew the moment he brought Liz home that she was going to be stuck with us, and I’m so glad that she is!


While we were in St. Louis for the wedding, we took Kaitlan┬áto the Saint Louis Zoo for the first time. She loved it! We stopped in the amphibian house first, and I don’t think she really registered the non-moving snakes as animals. But then she saw a pig-nosed turtle swimming back and forth in the water, and she just lost it. Oh, she loved that turtle. She got so upset when we tried to move onto the next exhibit, and didn’t understand the whole concept of zoos until the monkey house, where she realized that if she kept walking, there were MORE animals.


She did pretty well at the wedding too, although she wanted to be outside the entire time. She also ate her weight in food the whole weekend, which was crazy, because she’s kind of a bird when it comes to food. We got to see so much family we never see enough of, it was great to catch up over hotel breakfasts.


My brother was so cute at his wedding — so unlike himself, and it was just a great time.

Eric and Liz Durboraw

So yeah, that’s a short catch-up on the past few weeks in our world! Just a few more till a much-deserved break!