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CrossFit Open WOD 13.2

By March 19, 2013CrossFit


Another week, another Open WOD. This one was definitely less intimidating. I’d even hoped to do it more than once, but ended up just keeping my first score since we were out-of-town this weekend. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of me doing it since I opted for a random Thursday afternoon time, but I took some at the box Friday night while Neil and a few of our other athletes were doing it, so hopefully that suffices. They’re all much better looking than I am anyway.


Generally speaking, this WOD was a lot less intimidating than 13.1. It made use of  some of the more basic movements, ones typically learned relatively early when you begin doing CrossFit. I was surprised that the overall weight, was kept relatively light for women (75 lbs), and although it did get heavier as the rounds went on, it was definitely doable.


The killer of this workout ended up being the box jumps. At 15 per round, they were quick to drain your legs and make the bar heavier to lift going into the next round. Thankfully, it was quickly discovered in the WOD standards that box step-ups would be accepted, so many of us opted to switch out or do the WOD entirely with that movement and saw a much higher score because of it.


Despite it being much more hospitable, we were only able to complete the WOD once this cycle because of our trip to Springfield. I eeked out a 210 rep score with a combination of box jumps and step-ups and Neil completed 175 rounds doing the same. Even though we were mostly happy with our scores, we both wish we could have done it again using only box jumps to see how it affected our score.

Next up is 13.3 and the speculation is already in full-force at CrossFit United. Will there be pull-ups? Wall balls? Muscle-ups!?