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By December 10, 2009Food, Jessica, Kitchen


Can I just say that this picture makes me crave a brightly colored dutch oven (non-fart variety). Neil says one of our pots is already considered one, but I’ve always wanted a big heavy one like this. I don’t know if you are like us, but during the winter we live on soups, stews, and anything that resembles lava in our mouths. The past two days especially have been bitterly cold and we’ve been craving soups with girth. Doing a little digging on some of my favorite foodie sites has revealed that one of the most versatile ways of adding girth is through dumplings. I know, its such a cute word.

While I was looking into dumplings (this is serious research people!), this article popped up in my Google Reader and this book was immediately added to my Amazon Wish List. The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide. By all accounts, this book looks to be the all-inclusive, only resource you’ll ever need in this category. The collection takes a global approach and is organized by season so you can make the most of what is growing locally. Now go forth and make your girthy fare!

{Image via The Kitchn}