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Eco-friendly Design

By April 22, 2009Interior Design

Look closely…Do you know what these are made from? Figured it out yet? Isn’t it ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!? I saw it today while surfing iDIY and I’m hopelessly in love with the idea and how pretty it turned out. I don’t know that I’d put them out in the garden, but what a quaint yet elegant approach to sustainable light fixtures. At the rate I’m consuming caffeine lately I could probably have 20 or so of these by the wedding! Michelle Brand, you are brilliant!

{image via iDIY}

One Comment

  • kwilcox says:

    At first I thought they were fan blades, which would also be a sweet idea!

    I have a TON of old CD-Rs/Coasters/Old CDs that I have collected over the years. I intend to make several light fixtures out of them. I am also considering using them to make fountains, lamp bases (cake them together), coffee tables or end tables… the ideas are endless!