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How To: Change the differential fluid on a Nissan 350Z

By March 17, 2014Automotive, DIY, How-To, Neil


Today I will show you what you will need to change the differential fluid on a Nissan 350Z. Mine is a 2003 but this tutorial will work for any 350Z and 370Z and will translate well to many other vehicles.

Most people do not know that your differential needs fresh fluid bi-annually, especially if you have a limited slip differential (LSD woah dude). Keeping fresh fluid in the differential will not only extend the life of your LSD but will also make it perform more consistently. This is one of the easier maintenance items to do so I highly recommend keeping the fluid fresh.

Tools you will need:

The Process:

1. Put some wheel chocks or a brick or something in front and behind the front wheels so that they will not roll as you jack up the car.
2. Jack up the car. I typically jack up the back by the rear differential and then put a jack stand on either side of the car.
3. Locate the differential drain and fill holes.


4. Loosen the drain hole and drain into your pan. Notice that the drain plug has a magnet on the end of it. Clean any metal shavings off of the magnet.


5. After drained, put the drain plug back in and torque down to 22-28ft/lb.

6. Open the fill plug and attach your fluid pump to the fluid bottle. Mine does not fit the gear 300 bottle, but most other bottles will fit the pump.


7. Once you have filled around 1.5 quarts, the fluid will start to come out of the fill hole and you know you have put in enough.

8. Tighten the fill plug to 22-28ft/lb and you are done!