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Experimenting with Phyllo, Part 1

By August 17, 2010Food, Jessica, Kitchen, Vegetarian

Plum Tartlette

Plum Tartlette

I am not a pastry chef. As someone who loves pastries though, my desire to eat them got the better of me this weekend when I marched into the den Sunday morning and announced that I was making them. The fact that I possessed neither phyllo dough or Marscapone cheese should have been the first cue to stop, but I jumped in the car and went to the nearest grocery. They didn’t have Marscapone, so I got cream cheese instead. I was so hungry by the time I got home I didn’t even stop to look up how to properly use phyllo. Let it defrost for two hours? Psssh! Directions, who needs those right?

Should have read more carefully. Or Googled. Ah well, still have a whole package left. Stay tuned…