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Final Project – First Draft

By July 18, 2008Uncategorized

Well, I’m in the final two weeks of my intermediate web class. This fall I have to take Web Development 1, which I’m really nervous about because it’s heavy duty programming, and I’m stumbling around in JavaScript still. So basically this one month (less) before class starts I have to cram for a test and some do some more programming to kind of round things out a bit.

In any sense, I’m stoked about my final project as it’s our Wedding website. Still waiting to sign this contract for the catering, while refining and making adjustments to the guest list to accomodate what I think is a good number (affordable) while making sure the people I really want are there. My parents are moving to Texas next week, and we’ll be camping this weekend for Neil’s birthday. Life is CRAZY!

Here’s the draft. I still have some more programming left to add.