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First New Post

By July 27, 2007Uncategorized

Typing with my eyes shut

I originally had typed this last night, but typing with your eyes shut while being really very tired is not the best idea ever. You might all have thought I was intoxicated by my speech, lol.

I’m really glad to be closing another week. Marketing is very very busy lately just on the cuspit of Rush/Back to School. I’ve completed more jobs than I can remember, and the list is already piling for next week. I love being busy, but it gets tiresome doing renditions of the same look over and over again. I think I’ll almost be happy for fall. I’m excited to start my new program, as well as share school and academic responsibilities with Neil who is also starting school. We’ll be busy, but I think it will give us an excuse to kinda mosy in our own corner and do things for ourselves. He had another good interview on campus, and two more interviews in the near future. I myself have applied for a really nice job in Springfield, and right now the word is that whomever gets a job first, is the one that moves. My parents are supportive of either of us moving.

Other than that things are going really well. We had a fun weekend. We had a Nissan Meet to Devil’s elbow, which is between Waynesville and Rolla. It was really very beautiful, and we had lunch at kind of a biker bar down in the hills. As you can see by the profile picture, I got to hold a baby, which was nice, considering I’ve held about two in my life, one being my third cousin, who’s now 11, and my little brother Jared…who’s 18. I definately find myself changing a lot as far as my view on the possibility of having kids.

This weekend, I think will be more of a relaxing weekend. Tonight Neil and I are probably going to make an easy dinner, and order my new computer. I can’t wait, and I think Neil is even more excited to build it and getting me playing WoW more often. Tomorrow he really wants to go swimming, and I think we’ll probably make sushi for dinner. Sunday, my car definately definately definately needs a detailing. Other than that we’ll see what other trouble we can get ourselves into. Sunday is a friend of our’s car meet in Springfield, but we had to cut some expenses somewhere, and that’s where we decided to cut. We saw that a lot of the more….undesirables (in our opinion) were attending, and we’d really rather not be associated with people like that.

I’m finding that more and more in my life. Making definate decisions about the people I want to spend the rest of my free time around. A HS friend of mine has moved back and is settled and no drama, or going out all the time. Sometimes I wish I had more people around who were kinda where I’m at. I feel real out of place most of the time. Not only with women, but…just a lot of people. I’ve always felt real different. I was the HS kid working full time. I was the college kid who didn’t live the college lifestyle…and I’m the 25 year-old with a conscience and sense of morality. In that sense, I feel like I fall exactly halfway between the average twenty something and an overzealous Christian. I think Neil feels the same way, and we. I never feel lonely with him around, however…I think we both definately feel that we’re the only ones sometimes…nearby.