Rant: Formula for your new hipster+fashion blog:

By August 6, 2009Rant

1. HTML for Dummies
2. Camera
3. DVD collection of the Hills
4. Computer
5. The Google

Is there ever such a thing as trying too hard to be relevant without actually doing anything relevant? If so, this wins that award. I’ve seen a rash of these types of blogs pop up lately. I’m not old, am decently tech-saavy, and even I have a rough time making sense of what they are writing or trying to do, because it has no identity, …other than maybe¬† “creepy geriatric mollestor takes the grandkids on a shopping trip with a zoom lens.” It reminds me of the early days of aol, and hosting sites like angelfire.

Incoherent half- sentence copy+pastes are so edgy.