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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By October 31, 2014Friday Link-up

Hi all! First, thank you so much for all your messages about Felix. I loved that big lump. We’ll be taking him to Neil’s parents farm, so he’ll have a pretty spot on one of the hills overlooking the bluffs. Some loves this week:

Finally got to use my @inov_8 lifters tonight... #postpartum #crossfit #crossfitfringe

Inov-8 FastLift 335 lifters

Now that I’m getting back into lifting a little heavier, I’m using these, my anniversary gift from Neil back in July. They’ve been safely tucked away waiting for my beloved squats. They are super high quality and feel super solid to lift in.

Axom Women’s WOD Shorts

In love with these and booty shorts in general to work out in. I’d always shied away from them because, well, they leave little to the imagination, however I feel more comfortable in them now than I did pre-pregnancy. Go figure right? Anyhow, they don’t ride up and they have decent length and perfect fit.

Seriously the easiest way to eat clean while making your house smell like you put forth actual effort...

My Crockpot

This thing. I know it’s probably totally creepy, but I treat my crockpot like a person. I know it’s totally sexist, but she’s a woman, and I joke that she works all day to make our meals perfect when we come home. I praise her good work, and give her pats while she works. I honestly don’t know how we’d survive without a crockpot right now. I am eyeing an upgrade though, does that make me disloyal? Two of this past week’s favorites:

Cleaning with a weighted vest. And you thought your training was extensive... #babywearing #crossfit

Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid

We’re HUGE fans of babywearing. When your baby literally wants to be held all the time, wearing them will save your sanity and make them feel safe and secure. I received my wrap (I have Nammy) from my friend Megan, and it is not only gorgeous but perfect for newb/first-time babywearers. A simple front wrap cross carry and you are on your way!

Newest addition to our #babywearing collection! Can't wait to try it...

Little Frog Ring Slings

We just picked up a Little Frog Ring Sling and it is AWESOME. Perfect for at home when you are pulling baby in and out for feedings and changing. What I also love is that with her positioning in this, we can not only sit down a little more comfortably, but have both of our hands to use. They offer so much and are much more affordable than many wraps.

Fast Internet

Seems guide of generic, but we just got 1gig/1gig via FTTH, the fastest internet available in our state. We are only the second people with our ISP to get it, and it is amazing. I uploaded 103 high-resolution photos to Flickr in 45 seconds. Sorry, all parent stuff this week. Just so excited about this babywearing business, it makes things so much easier! And for a change of pace, I thought I’d add in some things that I haven’t liked…

And for a change of pace, I thought I’d add in some things that I haven’t liked…

Kill Cliff

I’ve had a lot of free Kill Cliff samples lately, but I just don’t enjoy the flavor. It tastes like stale Red Bull to me, and it sticks to my teeth. I used to live on Monster before getting pregnant, so maybe I’m just over energy drinks in general. I do like Fit-Aid though.

Speaking of breastfeeding. Tried this... barf.

Mother’s Milk Tea

This tea works, but it tastes like bile. Seriously, don’t we new mothers suffer enough?

Favorite things from around the web this week…

How completely random are those links right? Haha! Have a great weekend!

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  • Misti says:

    Have you tried making the mother’s milk tea as iced tea? I use three bags and brew it on the stove, then fill up 2qts of water and put it in the fridge. It mellows it out.