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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By November 21, 2014Books, Food, Friday Link-up, Local Food


Fact: The weeks go by SUPER quickly when you are going to bed with your kid before 9pm. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but when you are getting at least 6 hours a night, I’m going to call win for the time being — even if it feels like you’re missing out on everything. I didn’t get a chance to do much of anything this week besides work, but here are a few things from this week…

It’s snowed several times in the past week. It feels so early, and its kind of a bummer to have a new-ish baby in the winter when you can’t go outside and every morning is spent trying to soothe her as we suck the dry pasty boogers from her nose. Thankfully there is warm Pho to look forward to again on Fridays, which Neil and I have designated lunch date days.

Paleo Magazine released an entire AIP meal plan for Thanksgiving. Even though we would never think to push our food preferences onto our family, especially around the holidays, meal plans like this make it pretty simple to make holiday favorites healthier and less processed without feeling like you are really changing all that much. I haven’t even thought about Thanksgiving, so I’m glad others have thought these sorts of things through…

Latest read while pumping...

Latest pump room reading that I’m really enjoying. The Call of the Farm combines small-scale farming (some weird fantasy I have) and food writing. It also has a bit of a romantic element, if you can call it that. I kind of do because I was once in a relationship like it, so I can sympathize and relate to the main character, Rochelle. I highly recommend.

I can not get enough coffee and tea. Obviously in somewhat regulated amounts because of pumping/breastmilk for Kaitlan, but with the temperatures dipping, it’s all hot beverages all the time. My favorites so far are mostly Celestial Seasonings, particular the Bengal Spice, Sweet Harvest Pumpkin, and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. And no, I’m not a sponsored blogger for them. I’m also still drinking that awful Mother’s Milk. Awful.

Since we’re on the topic of warm beverages, I have the hankering to try making bone broth. Have you ever made it. In addition to being warm, it has so many health benefits. And you can batch it. I’m also trying to talk Neil into making our own turkey to make and freeze into meals. I might be getting a little crazy.

Speaking of batch cooking, I’m turning our pumpkins into pumpkin butter this weekend (using this recipe from Oh She Glows). I am so excited!

Doing any cooking this weekend?