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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By December 5, 2014December 16th, 2014Friday Link-up

Hi, despite the fact that I’m still rocking one arm (said in Amy Poehler’s “Amber” voice), there’s still quite a bit to be happy about this week so here we go!


My baby is rocking all the fuzzy footie pajamas and is so squishy I can’t stand it. She’s also discovered her screaming voice and will randomly throw it out there to keep us on our toes.

Crockpot Pork Ribs and Cauliflower Mash

In all caps because it’s AWESOME. I’m pretty boring, I could seriously eat [INSERT MEAT WITH SAUCE] over cauli mash every day.


Child development books

Finished Born Reading a few weeks ago, and am slowly adding more to the list — mostly on how to raise little girls, teach them to read, and eventually take over the world.


Non-child development books

Rewarding myself with one last non-child development read before cycling back into my list. So far I absolutely love The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. Gotta love some fantasy during the holiday season!

My massive syllabi edit froze my computer. Taking a break. #ZFG.


I typically wear my Garmin around, but just got this to play with. More on it soon…


Found around the web this week…

  • Planning my menu for next week and this Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole from Give Recipe is on the list. Looks amazing!
  • This video never gets old.
  • Also on the list: Crockpot Crispy Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup w/Curry Roasted Acorn Squash from Half-Baked Harvest.
  • Finger-knitting: One of the girls from my gym just finished a scarf and I went out and bought the stuff — right before spraining my wrist. So excited to try this though. I’ve never been good with needles, so maybe I’ll have better luck with this route.
  • Black Friday pep-talk at a Target store last week. I worked at Target throughout high school and most of college, so this one definitely hit close to my experiences during the holiday. You have to laugh — or you will kill people.
  • Breakfast has been a sore spot in our weekly food prep, so thinking about making a quiche for next week and loving the idea of using sweet potatoes for the crust. Thanks for the tip Fourteen Forty!
  • Cauliflower Bread Sticks from iFoodReal. All that needs to be said.
  • This UPS commercial practically had me in tears.

Have a great weekend!

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