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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By December 11, 2015Friday Link-up, Jessica

Happy Friday! I think we’re about 90% done with Christmas shopping. I almost have all the cards out as well. Things are so much easier than they were last year, and it’s been a lot more fun. KK loves Christmas movies and musicals and so every night it’s been fun to cuddle up on the couch and just “be.”

Christmas decorations are up. We kept it really simple this year. An artificial tree on a table, stockings, and some candy dishes and candles — all in 20 minutes. Nice and low-stress and Kaitlan has no interest in any of it so far.


Other things I’m loving? These photos I took earlier in the week…

CrossFit Fringe - 8/8/2015

CrossFit Fringe - 8/8/2015

I’m so fortunate to train with people who are not only ridiculously strong, but brilliant as well.

This weekend we’re going to work on Kaitlan’s gift for the family, salt dough ornaments. Because she doesn’t have any money and we don’t want her to associate gifting purely as a monetary endeavor, she will make a gift every year. Obviously she’ll have little clue as to what she’s doing or why this year, but hopefully it will evolve over time. We’re also going to hopefully make a few cookies, plan Xmas dinner and get a few work and food prep projects done.

A few of the things I’ve been reading this week:

What are your goals for the weekend?