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Friday Link-up


Just a picture I snapped of the house. Everything is fully bloomed out and the lawn is growing like a weed, mostly because it is in fact a large collection of weeds. Oh well, no matter because it’s Friday! Have anything great planned? After our marathon painting session last weekend, we’re picking up our brushes again, this time to paint the interior of Neil’s car. More on that soon!


  • 2 out of 5 isn’t bad, but we’d love to get my hands on some of these. (via Chris Kresser)
  • This article makes us really curious about raw milk, has anyone ever had it? (via The Kitchn)
  • Being that almost half of our diet is greens, this seems like a fun way to shake things up a bit! (via Glue and Glitter)
  • Read this if you like to dork out about your food as much as we do. (via Living Maxwell)
  • I’m pretty sure Neil would throw a party just to have this themed menu. (via Chow)


Come across any great reads this week? Share them!


  • Blake says:

    Is the interest in Raw Milk just from that article, or is it also related to the E.Coli outbreak in Central Missouri? (Raw milk was the source).

    This is silly but seeing the idea about making your own terrarium, it made me think of the ones in elementary school that you could make out of a 2 liter bottle. (

  • Neil says:

    I would be interested to know if raw milk has a higher fat content as I am always looking at good ways to get clean animal fats into my diet. If not, I am not sure just “tasting better” and really vague terms like “healing qualities” (sounds way too much like homeopathy) is worth the risk.

    As far as e-coli goes, I guess that would be a risk, however I would want to know the statistics on that considering how I seem to hear about salmonella and e-coli recalls from all aspects of the food industry almost monthly, it would seem you cannot eat anything without a certain level of risk.