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By May 29, 2009Cool Stuff, Crafts, Food

Stupid, obvious-answer question, …but what did twenty-somethings just new to the independent world do before internet?

I know the answer, completely rhetorical, but how did the Jessica of yester-year live and excel and learn all sorts of cool shit before bloggers like Pioneer Woman, Kate via Design*Sponge, and Crystal via Money Saving Mom? I’m blessed. Because every day, I get to shave a little knowledge from all these women and apply it to the blessings of my life to only make it that much better. I know it’s just a silly dessert, but once in a while don’t you ever just stop to appreciate knowledge, and how easy it is to come by? We take simple things so for granted, and fail pause and appreciate when we learn something new or gain something we’ll use later. It’s almost a branch off of the “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome that, unless it’s hugely significant it isn’t. Well today, I learned how to make an easy apple tart, a cake/cupcake stand, a few new css tags, and got a good performance review at work, albeit without a raise because of the economy…and I’m happy.

…And if you ever get up this way ’round Columbia, I’ll make you this dessert, and you’ll like it.

{image via Pioneer Woman}

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