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#RallyforRhyan Weekend


Gosh guys, thanks for bearing with us last week. It was an insane week of Neil prepping for his final race of the season, Nate stopping through on his way to a wedding and the above, an awesome fundraiser for a little girl in our community who was just diagnosed with a pretty rare and serious form of cancer.

I don’t even know where to begin, but the moment we heard the news a little over a week ago, we knew we had to do something. We had an event scheduled for this past weekend, and knew it was our big window to try to make an impact. We held a benefit/fundraiser WOD and early estimates put our collected amount at nearly $2k! It was tough to try to wrangle Kaitlan and be effective, but Rach came to help, and we had an amazing, but exhausting weekend. To continue the progress, visit and like the #RallyforRhyan Facebook page to receive updates, and donate via their GoFundMe page.


In addition to the fundraiser, we did some work making the dining room a little more homey (while we wait to paint until this winter), and made homemade pasta.



I also took Kaitlan to the library where she abandoned me for a gaggle of sisters who were obviously much cooler than me. She loved the library though, which thrilled me to no end. We checked out a stack of books and I’m pretty sure it will be a bi-weekly tradition, especially this winter.


She also napped — win!


Food-wise, we’re starting the week with a double-batch of lasagna (his and hers, I had to have mushrooms). Kaitlan is eating it right along with us. In the past few weeks her willingness to eat and try new things has gone next level, and she’s loving everything we put in front of her (other than oatmeal, still not a hit).


I think a big part of this success has come in part with her new ability to use(-ish) silverware! We just picked up a set, and she not only is willing to eat new things, but MORE. If she can fork it, she’ll eat it. We also ordered some suction cup bowls — genius! I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off any time soon!