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Friday Link-up

By April 20, 2013April 23rd, 2013CrossFit, Friday Link-up, Weekend


Another week comes to a close! I am home this weekend, and so excited to bum around and get some work done, especially around the yard. Maybe some baking too. And napping. In the mean time, here are some things I’ve come across this week!

Above is the workout we did today. Super tough! A 10 minute (1 minute on/1 minute off) blitz of 30 kettlebell swings each round. Each round had the possibility of a 1k row penalty. Failing to get the full 30 swings in a round net you the 1k row per missed round. I HATE rowing with a passion, so I went completely beast to ensure I didn’t miss any reps. Luckily, I finished them all! Others had some rowing to do. I did this with a 35-lb kb, and not the full 55-lb prescribed. It still throws me across the room when I try to swing it.



Have a great weekend!