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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By May 22, 2015Friday Link-up


9 month appointment in the books and thankfully, no shots. We don’t have to return until she’s a year old — isn’t that crazy? As these doctor appointments become fewer and farther between, I still catch myself thinking, “wait, you trust me to do this!?”

But it does keep getting both easier and harder — but it’s somewhat more predictable, so it allows you to breathe a bit easier. We were among friends with a new baby over last weekend and I couldn’t help but feel relieved we were out of the tiny baby stage. The fact that she can communicate to a degree and entertain herself makes her easier to stay on top of and let go as well.

Well... I don't even know, exactly. Raising girls not to hide their words and feelings so they don't self-sabotage and live to their true potential?

On that note, I’m enjoying (loving) reading quite a bit again. I think I’m actually reading more than I did pre-pregnancy, thanks to my Nook and reading in the dark after Beeb falls asleep. I’m also delving into a few audiobooks while I’m at work. Still not the same as books for me just yet.

Beeb became very interested in books last month and it’s seemingly progressing a little each day. Last night she immediately crawled to her box and pulled out her books when we went to the bedroom for the evening. I read with her every night as part of our routine, and can’t wait till we can read full-blown chapter series together. I haven’t read Harry Potter purposely for this reason, and there are a few other series I can’t wait to experience again with her.

Currently reading:
On deck:

I’m fueled by friends who love reading and the library just as much as I do. I get excited as I get close to finishing books because I’ve already had my next reads lined up for weeks. Dork alert!


Other things I’m loving:

  • Time with friends (above): I had my first night out with friends solo since Beeb was born last week. Hot pot (thanks Libby!) and staying up till midnight is about the most rebellious thing I’ve done lately.
  • La Croix sparkling/mineral water: the irony is that I hated this stuff growing up, and now I LOVE it.
  • These drills and training plans aggregated by Breaking Muscle for the C2 Rower.
  • Daily stretches to relieve tight hips and lower backs. Also some exercises to strengthen hips. I’ve been on the mobility game since giving birth and trying to build back strength and comfortable movement.
  • These reusable squeeze pouches. So easy to load up and take places to make sure she has something to nibble on.
  • The trailer for one of my favorite books, The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Such a beautiful soul.
  • 36 weeks of body weight workouts — because sometimes you’re living room is as close as you’ll get to the gym.

Have plans for Memorial Day weekend? We plan to relax, get some stuff done around the house and hopefully do our annual meet-up with “Murph.”

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  • Liz says:

    I loved Bossypants and have recently dove back into reading; always read more in the warmer months. Have you read Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull? It’s one of my favorites for a little refocus, inspiration & reassurance.