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Fun weekend

By June 1, 2008March 19th, 2014CoMo, relationship

We had a pretty relaxing weekend but nonetheless found ways to amuse ourselves. We gamed, watched movies, watched a really cool thunderstorm brew and blow through (to the surprise of even the meteorologists) and then went and spent Saturday night with friends and my brother Jared.

Felix loved the storm! He even liked getting wet. What a weird cat...

Felix loved watching the storm roll in. He didn’t mind the noise of the thunder and lightning and actually sought out the wettest places on the deck to hang out. What a weird cat!

There was an awesome concert outdoors and downtown. Death Cab for Cutie played, and although neither of us are huge fans of the style of music, it was perfect for listening to as we lounged about downtown and enjoyed coffee and company. I love Columbia in the summer, there is always something going on, but it’s peaceful without the students, and we are a rare community in that people of all kinds can mesh and enjoy community and togetherness. After enjoying the music we meandered down to McNally’s and got a bit of food and some drinks and managed to run into half the people we know. It was a great time!

In wedding news, we signed all the paperwork for the reception and chapel on Friday. If you want the date feel free to email or get a hold of me. As Aurora put it, now the fun begins. The big arduous decisions are done, now we can focus on tactile and aesthetic things that will make the day beautiful and great. Cake testing anyone?