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Happy Weekend

By January 29, 2010Education

So this is it. The weekend before I take the GRE. I’m so ready but at the same time so very not ready. I’ll be completely honest when I say that I believe standardized testing is a farse. It proves nothing other than a broad sweeping generalization of how a very large group of people are doing. I’ve been dreading this test for a year, as I’ve had to put it off for our wedding and then my own ridiculous fears of standardized testing. I’m still scared, but I just want its looming presence over my head gone and to be able to move forward in some direction, hopefully the one on the other side of this test. If you saw our resolutions earlier in the month you know we have ambitious goals and an aggressive timeline for our hopeful move from Columbia and a lot of that is also waiting on the other side of this test, and I’m ready to just get on with it already.

So if you pray or worship to a God or deity, send some prayers and good karma my way. I’ll need it. Have a great weekend, and see you on Tuesday after my test!

One Comment

  • J.D. says:

    Good luck! When will you get the results?

    PS maybe wear layers, just in case they have lack of heat or have the AC cranked. The bar exam was frigid, but I was prepared ;-).