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Some people just have that way with words…

By February 4, 2009Uncategorized

I’m so blessed to have Molly remotely near my life. Growing up she was one of my best friends’ mothers, and I was so fortunate that her and her husband Paul did our Catholic Pre-Marriage Counseling. She keeps an amazing blog, and when I’m feeling a certain way and can’t find the words and put them in the right order to say what I mean when I mean it, she’s already written it. She wrote this a few months ago, and lately, well I’m there.

“So many people come and go in your life. On the far end of the dinosaur curve, perhaps closer to the head, you have the awesome, you-are-my-rock friends. These are your true blues – the ones who connect with you on a level that neither of you truly understand, but you both know that you would pinky swear in a heartbeat that you would help each other hide the body with no questions asked. Then, sit down and slide the roller coaster outline of old brontosaurus until you arrive at the tail. This is where you will find the others; the ones who somehow slip in under your self preservation radar and cause havic in your life. They’re the ones who seem innocuous at the time, but eventually burl under your skin and fester.

Some people refer to these less than friendly friends as fair weather ones. I find this title inaccurate. These types of friends come around rain or shine, so, perhaps it would be more appropriate to refer to them in regards to their trail of destruction: pothole friends, or piled-up-trash-after-a-storm friends…., because that’s the way you feel after they have blown through your life. After they trample your feelings in their wake.”

I love connecting with people but sad that they live quite more than a 30 minute drive from here. I have a few friends here, people I talk to daily, but lately Columbia just doesn’t feel like home anymore and I’m tired of putting effort toward people that don’t feel right anymore and feeling bad when they hurt my feelings. I think I feel bad that I let myself get hurt or get hopeful when I should know better. I miss my other friends, I wish they were closer.