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HOA5-inspired CrossFit Partner WOD

By December 5, 2013CrossFit, Exercise


I’ve always wanted to post workouts on Kohler Created but have never felt brave enough. Blame it on being shy, or anxious about stepping out of my comfort zone. Lucky for me, we have some immensely creative coaches (Mitch Johnson rocks!) at CrossFit Fringe who like to come up with fun (read: tough) workouts for our members. This was a particular fun one I thought I’d share, not only because it’s inspired by our first competition, but because it’s one with movements that you can do with minimal equipment at probably any gym. All you need is a pull-up bar, a weighted medicine ball and a kettlebell. And of course, your partner.



2 Person Team: 1 person works :: 1 person holds

For time, each partner will complete 1/2 (50 reps) of the following movements on the left before before tagging their partner or moving forward. While one partner is completing the movements (left), the other will be holding the assigned position (right). Each member must do 50 reps before switching/moving on. If the person completing the “Hold” stops, the other must stop completing reps and both partners must perform 4 penalty burpees. Work will resume when the partner resumes the “Hold” position.


100 wall balls while partner holds a Pull-up bar hang
100 kettlebell swings while partner holds a Plank position
100 pullups while partner holds a Wall sit

Ridiculous right? Our athletes tackled this workout a few weeks ago, and they did great!


All credit and thanks goes to Mitch Johnson for this awesome workout.