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Hitting the ground running…again…

By August 1, 2012August 2nd, 2012CrossFit, Exercise, Running

It feels like forever since we last talked about running, and to be honest, it’s because we really haven’t done any this summer. The heat has been unrelenting, leaving minimal time for good (read: enjoyable) running. If you can believe it, temperatures really only dip below 80 degrees from 5:00-7:00 AM, which as you can imagine doesn’t help our motivation either. Running in heat drains our energy, and doing so before our work day even starts is something we really can’t afford with our demanding jobs. We like running, but not that much.


Neil’s Memorial Day “Murph”

So for the most part, we’ve been forgoing running and prioritizing CrossFit for our workouts this summer. The short, high-intensity workouts give us a little more bang for buck for our effort, and also include plenty of cardio and some running. However, as the summer wanes on, I’ve definitely been missing my dedicated running time. And we’d both like to run in a race/event again. So we did what anyone needing hope and motivation would do, we signed up for a race.

We are now registered for the Roots N Blues N BBQ Half Marathon/10k. Neil is going to run the half marathon and I’m going to run the 10k with my brother. It’s the first “official” 10k for both of us, and I’m excited to run it with him. The three of us are also eyeing the Bass Pro Half Marathon in November, when it’s hopefully (:fingers-crossed:) a little cooler.


Neil was long overdue a new pair of running shoes, so he picked up a bright yellow pair of Inov-8 ROAD-X LITE™ 155’s. He already has a pair of Inov-8 BARE-XF™ 210’s that he wears for crossfit, but the 155′ offer a little more cushion without sacrificing the minimalist fit we now prefer. The 155’s are feather light at only 5.5oz, and when running in them you feel no weight at all on the foot.


I wasn’t due for a pair of shoes, but I got a nice surprise on Saturday when Neil brought home a pair of grey Inov-8 F-Lite 195’s for me. A member of our box ordered a pair in the wrong size, and asked Neil if I might be interested in them. I’ve just started breaking them in, but they are awesome! Light and super soft. Yes, soft. I can’t believe how delicate they feel, yet how sturdy they are during my workouts. Like nothing I’ve ever worn. I’m a die-hard New Balance Minimus fan, but I can definitely see why so many CrossFit athletes (and Neil) go with Inov-8.


The bad news? Our shoe collection is quickly turning into a hoarding situation. Above represents only 1/3 of our collection (not including hiking or professional shoes)…

When do you say goodbye to old shoes?


  • Registering for a race is the number one way to motivate yourself to run! And 10K is a fun distance – plus, since it’s your first time running one, automatic PR!

    Also, I need new running shoes too. I am lusting for every pair in this post!

    • Jessica says:

      I have an addiction, fueled by the hunt for THE perfect pair. Good point about the 10k! I’m excited for the distance too. Long enough to wear me out, but not a full half that will require a longer recovery. Can’t wait!

  • Leah says:

    I cycle running shoes down from running to walking to yardwork. As I do so, I end up with a pair to recycle. If there’s an REI in your area, they do shoe recycling (and you could mail shoes to Nike, but that’s a lot). Shoes usually get recycled into that soft playground fill stuff.

    Do you both use different shoes for lifting? How does that work for doing the run parts of the WOD? We’ve just started into lifting, and we are both just wearing our running shoes right now. I have standard shoes but am starting to eye more minimalist ones. My husband stumbled upon a somewhat minimalist pair of shoes last time we went shopping, and he really loves the lighter feel.

    • Neil says:

      I also use my old running shoes for yard work, however by the time they are done with that job I am not sure even a recycling place would want them! hah

      We use different shoes for lifting because a lot of movements are much easier to have good form when you have a solid flat foot with no spongy sole or heel to toe drop. Typically I take both of my shoes to crossfit and when I see the WOD, if it has over a mile of running I wear my “running shoes” but if it is mostly lifting or less than a mile of running I will wear the XF210’s.

      Different people have different preferences but I would rather have good footing for the lifts and do prone running in the flats than have an uneasy footing in the lifts and a comfortable run.

    • Jessica says:

      Haha, I have a few pairs I’ve been holding onto for a mud/messy run, but I’ve never signed up. My shoes are usually so nasty by the time I’m done that I swear no one would want them.

      As Neil said, we prefer flat shoes for lifting as it helps us maintain/practice better form. I’m to the point now where I can wear minimalist shoes for anything under 3 miles, so typically I can wear one pair of shoes (typically my NB’s) for the whole WOD.

      I’d eventually like to buy a pair of lifting shoes like these that I use exclusively for olympic lifting.

      Someday 🙂