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I want to live in a Barn

By December 21, 2009Interior Design, Jessica


Did your parents ever ask loudly upon entering your room “This place is a pig sty, do you want to live in a barn?” Mine did. Oddly enough as obsessive compulsive as I am about cleaning now, I was the complete opposite as a child. I was a pint-sized hoarder, keeping notes and sneaking dishes up to my room to pretend I had my own place. ┬áNow I can proudly say I would live in a barn, if it was like the one above.

I saw Kelly and Ashlea’s renovated barn on Apartment Therapy today and exclaimed loudly “I want to live in this barn.” Is it not completely awesome? After seeing a house tour show on cable last year that featured a renovated barn in Wisconsin near where I was born, this beautiful renovated barn is not far from where my in-laws live in Southwest Missouri. Is fate trying to tell me something?

{via Apartment Therapy}


  • Samantha says:

    Odd as it might sound, I wanted to live in a barn since I was about 10. I thought it just might be the coolest thing ever. I wanted to take a small farmhouse and attach it to the side of a barn…yep. Every now and then when I see a neat barn I still dabble with the idea.

  • Sheena says:

    I totally want to live in that barn as well. The way the master bedroom is framed but the pointed roof of the barn? That is so cute!

  • I haven’t viewed photos yet…. this is so weird. I’ve always wanted to reno a barn a turn it into this amazing living/kitchen space. I’m going back to view the shots. Oh well nice to think alike sometimes.

    • Jessica says:

      Worth it. I’d really like to track the place down, since it’s not that far away from Neil’s parents house. Would that be stalker-ish?