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My Sweetgum Wreath

Many of you have probably seen Sweetgum fruit. If you have, you probably hate Sweetgum fruit with devout passion. That annoying prickly seed that plants itself in the grass and is impossible to rake up every spring, grr! My sweet 86 year-old dear Christian neighbor Virginia can be heard cursing them under her breath. I’ve always wanted to find a use for them, and last fall my hero Martha Stewart featured this wreath in Living. I thought, “Next spring, I’m going to make one of those.” And here it is. Obviously not as beautiful as hers, but it makes a beautiful addition to our very yellow front door. Until now our winter wreath was still up (for shame!), and I wanted to change it before the bridal brunch I’m hosting in a few weeks. It wasn’t all that hard to make, just tedious, as every piece has to fit almost like a puzzle. I still have another wreath form and plenty of fruit, so I plan to make a white one for fall/winter next year.