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Last Quiet Weekend

By January 11, 2009Uncategorized

So I’ve marked this as probably our last “quiet” weekend for some time. With wedding planning, house projects, some unexpected medical stuff (boo), and traveling, we will be pretty well booked up from here on out. I’m trying to approach it positively, because there is lots of good stuff in store for us, but to some degree I would have enjoyed it all more had our wedding plan been something smaller and simpler. But, cest la vie, I’ll work with what I’ve been given and hope it all goes well.

Hope you’re enjoying Neil’s new bluetooth access with his iPhone. After obsessively talking about it for months, and sighing every time we drove by the Cingular/AT&T store, I finally ‘intervened’ last night and made him turn the car around when we were almost home. Thankfully, they now keep them in stock and an hour later (lots of setup and paperwork) we were home with his new toy. I have to admit, it is pretty nice. The app’s and the simplistic usability makes it a nice little thing to have around. Especially if you like…well anything. There is seriously an application for everything, including WordPress! As one of my goals for 2009 is to be a a better, more timely blogger, the very idea of being able to publish from the phone is sweet! I was on the fence, but if my finances look good, by the end of February I myself will have one of my very own. I have a BlackJack now, which a nice little device, but not nearly as nice as the iPhone. Technology is amazing isn’t it?!