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Life is Expensive

By September 4, 2013November 3rd, 2013House, Technology, Weekend


So, we definitely had an expensive weekend — some of it stuff we were excited to spend money on and some of it not so much. We had decided prior to this weekend that we were going to take advantage of the Labor Day sales and finally start the process of replacing our current washer and dryer. It’s a stackable unit in our bathroom and the washer is on its way out. It’s gotten louder and louder over the past 6 months (yes — we’ve waited that long), and it’s now in such sad shape that if it’s running, you can’t have a phone conversation anywhere on the main floor of our house. While we had hoped it would last long enough that we could just renovate the whole bathroom, we simply don’t have the resources available after replacing the deck and water heater.


So we looked at ads and compared prices and terms, and headed out the door bound for Best Buy. As I walked toward the garage, I noticed the trough drain was full of water. And paper. Toilet paper! All the drains in the garage had backed up from the central line! And it smelled. We freaked out and immediately called Mr. Rooter. Thankfully they were available and came over immediately (why do emergency plumbing situations always happen on Saturdays!?). Given the age of our house, our plethora of old trees and having ceramic pipes, they recommended it might be smart to have the drains cleaned yearly. So now we are the proud owners of a yearly service membership. Cha-CHING. Awesome.


Undeterred by our literally crappy situation, we decided to head to Best Buy anyway. The washer and dryer we were eyeing were on sale, and with 24 months no interest, and an additional 5% discount if you use your Best Buy card it was too good to beat. Typically we pay anything we finance off within 3 months, but it’s always nice to have that option. So we pulled the trigger, made the purchase and they will be delivered in three weeks. This will be our first major demo work, as the space that houses the current washer and dryer will need to be opened up a bit to make room for the bigger units.

We came home and spent some time taking care of business emails and project work. It was then that Neil ended up getting a little distracted by the Labor Day sales emails and caved to an incredible deal on a tent on The Clymb. We’ve been wanting a 3-man for a while, just so we can take the dogs more comfortably, or if/when kids come into the picture we have more space. This tent is amazing!

Tente tunnel Bergans Fjell 3 – 2012 from Propaganda on Vimeo.

Then, we broke the pizza stone. No explanation needed, we just forgot to heat it up with the oven — could have happened to anyone who rarely eats pizza anymore right?


And then Sunday came. We headed to open gym and worked on some skills, mainly handstand push-ups since I just nailed handstands earlier this week. Afterward I sat down with Nate (coach/owner) and looked at the team lists for the Heart of America CrossFit team competition. Throughout this week we conducted trials to select 6 members (3 guys/3 girls) for both an Rx and scaled team. It was really exciting and those who were chosen were beyond thrilled. A few of us hadn’t been able to make all the trials and decided to create another scaled team. Registration opened at midnight, so we scrambled to name ourselves (our name is “Where is Beahm!?” for one of our teammates), collect information and money ($$$), and then headed home to wait for midnight.

Insanely, the event sold out within 5 minutes. Even though we stationed one person per team to register, only our last-minute unofficial team, and the Rx team (which Nate registered from his house) made it in. The official scaled team is on the waitlist and we’re desperately hoping a spot opens for them. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s definitely a testament to the explosive growth of CrossFit in this area, which is thrilling!


So definitely an expensive weekend. At least we’re finally seeing some ripe tomatoes from our garden! While I’m definitely bummed about having to drop money on yet another emergency plumbing problem, I hope that the rest of our purchases only lead to good things. And fingers crossed for our first demo project — I’ll have more details on that as we get closer!

What did you do this weekend?