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Happy { Longer } Weekend!

One of my favorite flowers of all time, so cute!

One of my favorite flowers of all time, so cute!

I don’t know about you but I’m completely in a fit of burnout. I have so many things on the plate, and I feel like I’m making headway in none of them. I need a nice three day weekend to clear out, get things done, take a little time and have some good food and photos. What are you doing for Memorial Day?

This weekend we hope to:

  • Till the garden bed and transplant tomatoes.
  • Will the peppers with our brains to grow FASTER.
  • Weed.
  • Plant additional perennials in the lonely looking beds.
  • Head to home improvement store for more starter soil, and maybe some…RASPBERRIES! (wewt!)
  • Trim flowers in the front.
  • Thieve tomato cages and misc herb starts from my mother’s stock.
  • Play World of Warcraft (I haven’t logged on in over a month.)
  • Send JD some ideas (I hope you like them Mr. Hodges, this isn’t an easy task)
  • Bill J.R.
  • Send Get well card to my Auntie
  • Have an awesome BBQ with my dad and brothers. Make some bean burgers and strawberry rhubarb coffee cake.
  • See Angels and Demons!
  • Invites (ugh!)
  • Relax? Neil says he’s going to “slam a brew.” Maybe I will too 😀