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Meal Planning (2/22 – 2/28)

By February 22, 2015Baby Meals, Food, Menu Planning, MK


Our grilled “TBD” meal from Friday — hot wings!

Our first week attempting to return to more diligent meal planning went great! We didn’t get a chance to try the interesting technique we found for spaghetti squash and meatballs because we ended up taking a rest day from the gym and just doing it all in the oven, but aside from that, everything went according to plan.

This week is kind of gentleman’s choice. With the CrossFit Open starting this week, I’m going to be super busy so having quick meals and snacks will be huge for us.

Tonight (Sunday) we had huge pork steaks!



Final Price: $65, with ingredients for lunches, breakfasts, etc.


Pork steaks and cauliflower mashers


Baked Tacos from Heather Likes Food


Baked Tacos from Heather Likes Food


Orange Chicken from Health Bent


Orange Chicken from Health Bent


Wing it! (CrossFit Open Workout 15.1 day!)


Pizza Date Night (new weekly tradition)

Breakfasts and lunches are pretty basic and repetitive again (oatmeal, bananas and egg sandwiches). I really want to get to the point where I can batch something pretty regularly without issue, but baby steps. Speaking of baby steps…


Last week we got the go-ahead to move Kaitlan to TWO solids meals a week. I’ve been moving along pretty conservatively, but her pediatrician said she is doing so well with them that I should just move at her pace and not worry too much about what age she should be when we adopt certain foods or strategies. It’s crazy to me that soon she’ll be ready to start proteins!


With Kaitlan moving to two meals of solids per day, I’m shopping around for some containers to send back and forth between daycare and home. So far I’ve eyed the following:

I’m also eyeing some Little Green Pouch reusable food pouches, as well as some freezer containers aside from the ice cube trays. Hopefully I’m not going too overboard. I’m trying to buy things she can use for a while, and that we can use past these early years.

I’m getting a little more adventurous this week with her meals:

Monday: peas/banana/oatmeal
Tuesday: avocado/banana
Wednesday: avocado/applesauce
Thursday: peas/banana/oatmeal
Friday: sweet potato/peas/applesauce
Saturday-Sunday: baby’s choice

What are you planning for this week?


  • Kelly says:

    I work with a little girl at the CDL who uses the wean green containers, they do seem nice and sturdy! Another option I see a lot of parents who make their own baby food is just to reuse store bought glass jars.

  • Jen says:

    I really love my silicon baking cups. Very handy!