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Meal Planning (3/1 – 3/7)

Meal Planning (3/1) - Kohler Created

Last week’s meals went a long way, Orange chicken went a day longer than we thought, and tacos went a day longer than we thought. Definitely not complaining, it was nice not having to worry about meals at the end of the week. It does mean however that our pizza night will get moved to sometime in the middle of the this week.

Here are a few pics of the meals:


Our easy tacos…


…and the Paleo orange chicken.

This week begins also the new class schedule at CrossFit Fringe, with all classes moving back 1/2 hour. While that doesn’t seem like much, the fact that Kaitlan goes to bed around 9pm makes getting home close to 8pm a little more rushed and stressful. Very thankful for the crockpot and impending leftovers nights this week.

Final Price: $55, with ingredients for lunches, breakfasts, etc.


Lo-Mein-style stir fry (recipe coming)


Lo-Mein-style stir fry (leftovers)


Pizza Night


Pizza Night


Beef Stew


Beef Stew (leftovers)


Birthday dinner out!


I bought the containers for Kaitlan I mentioned last week! I batched Kaitlan’s meal prep last week, so we’re still rolling through this week with already prepped food:

Monday: Avocado/Applesauce
Tuesday: Sweet potato/Peas
Wednesday: Banana/Sweet potato
Thursday: Peas/sweet potato
Friday: Peas/sweet potato
Saturday-Sunday: Baby’s choice

It’s my goal to do the bulk of her meal prep 2 weeks out and still have some fresh stuff for her on the fly — like applesauce, avocadoes, and banana. We’re kind of going with the flow, but I definitely cleaned the library out of baby food books.

So here’s a random observation about meal planning. We find that we’re typically breaking up our grocery shopping into halves. The first half of the week taking us through Wednesday, and the second half of the week taking us through Saturday. I know a TON of people who prep for the whole week, but I just don’t know how people can eat that way — the food is just gross by Thursday (to us anyway).

It’s like, we can either buy early and freeze, or break up the purchase and prep again mid-week. I’m just not self-punishing enough to prep and reheat chicken I made on Sunday on Thursday. Am I just being picky? What do you guys do?

What are you planning for this week?


  • Rachel says:

    I am with you! I really have to shop mid week to make sure everything is fresh and yummy. Luke isn’t as picky as I am. I try to prepare half at the beginning of the week and the other half midweek. I pretty much just prep proteins and cook veggies as we eat them. Works out well for us!

  • Leah says:

    I usually shop once a week, but I won’t cook the meat unless I’ll use it in the next day or two. I don’t have any issues with using up meat over the course of the week.

  • Cindy Bassett says:

    I have a large deep freeze, so can put some meat in the freezer, or pull out a soup or something for that later meal. But I am like Leah in that it doesn’t freak me out to cook meat later in the week – sort of depends on the meat, though. I also will plan veg that keeps well for the later part of the week – cauliflower, for example, keeps great whereas asparagus does not.

  • Ash says:

    Do you still plan to share your recipe for the Lo Mein stir fry? It looks so delicious!