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By July 19, 2010Backpacking, Camping, Jessica, Neil

IMG_4493 [1024x768]

Our Montana Trip is finally here! A few days and a 24-hour road trip is all that is standing between us and Glacier National Park in northern Montana. I’ve got ten different lists going and tons of stuff to do before we leave (including my final project for class, due two days after we return) but there are no words for the excitement and anticipation of a good long roadtrip. After honeymooning in Rocky Mountain National Park last year, we decided it would be awesome to spend our first anniversary doing what we love and exploring a new park and maybe possibly even sneaking into Canada. We’re also going to see a bit of Yellowstone and Bozeman, a city we’ve been told we’ll love. It’s a lot for a week, but we ain’t scurred. Check out some of our new equipment for the trip:



Air core inflatable pillows that pack super-tiny!


Bear Spray. For obvious scary reasons that I’m still quite anxious about. I’m really hoping we don’t see a single bear…

We also hope to debut a few new camp recipes we’ll be excited to share when we return, …or before. We’re in IT, you know we’ll still bring our gear and share all the best bits as they happen!