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Our Weekend: Part 2

By March 23, 2010Camping, Jessica, Neil

Bamboo in Arkansas!? Who knew?

Neil reads up on the trails

Brr! Had to forge the river. My Keens held up like pros.

A game of Uno by the fire

My poor wet socks


Ugh good morning

We’ll remember coffee next time ay?

Sunrise on the bluff

Taking a break

VERY high up

Ugh we made it

Neil said to give him a “happy” so I did…and then some

Neil always looks so composed

How he really felt…

Here is an embedded Google map showing our exact track and route we took. ¬†We went counter clockwise. You can click the “Ter” button to show the USGS Topo map.

View 3-19-2010 Hemmed In Hollow in a larger map

Overall, it was a great, albeit short overnight camp. I definitely know where I need more work as far as fitness goes, and will be working on that throughout the year to prepare for Montana. It’s not easy to carry 50 lbs on your back for more than 4 hours. I can also see why people tend to do these types of trips in the early spring and fall. Even if it’s cold, you are sweating carrying all your gear up and down the mountain, and the lack of bugs, and forage makes trails a lot easier and enjoyable to navigate. Our pictures may be a little monochromatic, but it was nice not having to navigate thick brush and lurking creatures.