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Our Weekend: Part 1

By March 23, 2010Camping, Jessica, Neil

So it was an interesting weekend. On one hand, we had a great time camping and got a TON of exercise. On the other hand, we’re now without our “Jeep Jeep” after we got into an accident on Saturday night. No fears, we’re alright. Very lucky that the damage was minimal despite the extent of the accident, and that neither of us received so much as a scratch. We were driving home from a friend’s birthday weather. The rain had turned to sleet and we hit a slick spot, drove straight into a ditch, bounced off, went slightly airborne, and the car landed on its passenger side. It’s now at the body shop, and should be back on the road in two weeks.

But enough with the sad, we had an awesome camping trip and took some great pics!

Our “before” pictures

We found a snake along the way

Beautiful waterfalls and streams

We found a few abandoned cars leftover from what we think was a flood.

A cave

There were lots of horses on the trail

Approaching Granny Henderson’s house

Granny Henderson’s House was definitely the highlight for me. Featured in a 1977 issue of National Geographic, she lived in the house until the year of her death. More about her life on the Buffalo RiverĀ here.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our camping pictures this afternoon!


  • Kathleen says:

    Fun! What kind of backpacks do you guys have? Do you recommend them?

  • Neil says:


    We are using the Kelty Coyote 4750. It is a great “weekend” pack that has plenty of space and compartments/attachment points on it and is pretty darn comfortable too. We were packing around 50lbs and it balanced the weight well to where it was quite manageable even in some pretty steep climbing.

    I would recommend this pack to anyone who is a 2-3 night camper. For a week long pack you may run out of space depending on how minimal you pack, but for 2-3 nights its perfect.

    We got lucky and ours was on sale for $69 each at the time we bought them a year ago, but here is the amazon link for them now:

    Stay tuned, tonight we are going to put up a post outlining the gear we use from packs to water purifying/filtering.