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By December 11, 2014Breastfeeding, Food, MK, Postpartum

Look, it’s baby’s first Christmas tree! We were only one string of lights short, which Neil was running out to grab when this picture was taken. Despite the fact that she’s looking the other way, she LOVES looking at the tree.

Baby's first tree. Neil went to get more lights...

I hate that it’s always Wednesday or Thursday before I clear my plate enough to get to blogging. The first half of the week is always a blur with meetings, coaching, and just life in general. It doesn’t help that I’m still completely gimped out and trying to do everything — from cleaning to Christmas cards, one-handed. If I believed in God, I would surely think he’s just lobbing lemons at me this month.

Can not produce milk fast enough for my kid...

Anyhow, the theme of this week seems to be eating — well for Kaitlan and I anyway. She’s tanking full 5-oz. bottles all of a sudden, and going through 4, rather than 3 during the day. That’s sent me into overdrive trying to keep up, and so far I seem to be just eeking by. Neil’s keeping me fed with unstuffed cabbage casserole, roast, and homemade Reubens, and I’m eating peanut butter at work and sneaking burritos for added fuel.

Up close and personal with the "homemade" Reuben I had for lunch. #krautfordays

The motto for parenthood seems to be “never get comfortable.” I was just getting to the point with my supply where I had enough to freeze a few bags a week, and now those bags are coming out of the freezer again. I’ve been working a full breastfeeding/pumping post, but in summation, I’m exclusively pumping at this point, so there are bottles EVERYWHERE. We are doing a “bottle boil” almost every day, and I’m giving serious thought to numbering all my bottles so I know if I’m missing any. I’m looking forward to when she starts solids — if only to give my ta-tas and nerves a bit of a break.