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New pedal install

By February 26, 2009Automotive, Neil, Racing

With my car budget mostly consisting of paying for track time, it leaves little to do actual upgrades or modifications.  However I spied this new pedal on MY350Z.COM and decided it was worth the $40.00 at

This pedal will help immensly with a technique called “heel toe”.

Watch the video demonstration of the “heel toe” technique


You can see why this pedal makes this much easier.  Being that I have a relatively small foot (size 8-9US) it is often tough to get my heel over to the gas pedal on heel toe.  When you are coming into a corner at 100mph+ you really need to feel confident that you will not mess up your heel toe and downshift for the corner.

{Photos courtesy of Z1Auto Blog}

New on left, old on right

New on left, old on right










Install was a breeze and only took 5 minutes. I will update with my impressions on the track after my first track day on April 25th!