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Oh Missing Christmas Tree, Oh NEW Christmas Tree

By December 15, 2011Christmas


Yes, all new! We finally dragged our Christmas decorations out from the closets this weekend. After we moved, they ended up scattered all over the house. Somewhere in the process, our beloved little tree got displaced. We don’t quite know when or where it got lost, but we looked everywhere! In a moment of pure holiday delirium, Neil dashed out to the store and came home with another, bigger little tree. What can I say, we like little trees!


We hung our ornaments, but quickly realized we didn’t have enough. So we made another trip to my parents to steal a few of theirs. We’re big fans of older, smallish and possibly tacky ornaments and my mom was happy to lighten her collection of those.

We also had tons of homemade ornaments from family…



My Grandpa made this one, he always made the cutest ornaments! Some were a little raunchy, he had a unique but awesome sense of humor. This was one of his cleaner, more “all-audiences approved” ornaments.


We even got stockings for the whole fam! Hung next to the fireplace with care. I think we might be more excited about the idea of stocking stuffers than actual gifts.

So we’re all decorated and ready for holiday guests, starting this weekend! I’m scrambling to get the house cleaned, the baking done and the gifts wrapped. I also need to get my holiday cards out because they just started arriving at our door!


Do you have a favorite MUST FIND holiday decoration?

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