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Prairie Organic Vodka

By March 4, 2010Food, Kitchen, organic, Rant

I could extol endlessly about the quality and great taste of this vodka, because it is in fact brilliantly rich and creamy for a vodka, but I wanted to bring it to your attention today because of the company that makes it. In our current market it’s really an accomplishment to create a successful product, but it is more than admirable to do so as eco-consciously as family-owned Phillips Distilling Company.

Certified organic and kosher, this vodka is the result of a co-op partnership with over 900 local farmers, all of whom are stakeholders in the company. The #2 corn is grown without GMO’s or artificial pesticides near the distillery making transportation and fuel costs minimal. The bottles are all recycled unfrosted glass and boxed in cardboard made from sustainable wood pulp. The process doesn’t end there. The leftover corn cobs are converted to biofuel to run the stills and the leftover distiller grains (a co-product of distillation) are returned to farmers for feed. They do all this and pay their workers a fair living wage. There’s still more. They’ve also partnered with communities all over the country to promote the real food movement as well as sustainable farming and gardening practices. Best of all, they are in my home state of Minnesota.

It’s easy to walk into the liquor store and buy something inexpensive or flashy, but if you knew that companies like this existed, wouldn’t you be willing to pay a little extra? I hope by reading this you’ll be encouraged to engage yourself  in your food choices beyond just buying what’s healthy or stickered organic. Read the labels, investigate your brands and support those who are doing good things. Everytime we do, we’re sending a message.