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Pups in Snowland!

By December 12, 2010Clive, Photography

We got a fantastic first snow last night. Just enough snow for some fun play, but not enough to keep us trapped inside. We’ve been pup-sitting Fred so we thought a good romp in the snow would be the perfect opportunity to get them both worn out.

Around the Tree

And they’re off!

Clive and Fred

Clive leads the way!

Circling the yard!

He breaks away!

Clive Leaps!

Headed right for me!

Clive doing his best Deer

Agile like a tiny deer…

Clive Leaping

Yet still snorting like a pig…

Clive: A Private Moment

Woops, private time…

Clive in Full Sprint!

And he’s back, sans pewp and more nimble than ever!