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Old School Blogging

By November 15, 2014Food, Jessica, MK

I thought I’d just do some old-school rambling. You know, blogging just for the sake of sharing thoughts and feelings — totally unsponsored and unaffiliated. There’s not enough of that going on anymore.

I have started taking pictures of her in the mornings to hold me over at work...

My baby is 12 weeks old. Let that sink in for a minute. Wasn’t she just born yesterday!? She keeps hitting all these little spurts. Overnight she started making sounds and cooing adorably. And smiling, all the smiling. Then she started moving her head smoothly from side-to-side. And as of last night, she’s 12lbs 2.9oz! That’s DOUBLE the size she was when she was born! I read that babies can start teething around four months. TEETHING!

Bottle station

She is quite the little eater, the bottle “cafe” constantly looks like this…

We have mice in our kitchen. I can’t even. They dug up my plants on the counter and got dirt everywhere. So we went hunting for places they could get in over the weekend, and made some trips to the hardware store. My OCD is in overdrive. Annoying old houses are annoying.

Full Stove

On the plus, we’re doing a great job of cooking lately — all in the crockpot or from the freezer of course, but this is probably the most organized we’ve ever been in regard to our meals. Funny how that happens out of necessity.

Soaking beans

Made our first pot of chili for the season — then learned that Kaitlan’s tummy is NOT ready for beans. Mind honestly wasn’t either. Woops. And yes, that is a lava lamp next to the soaking beans. We try to keep it interesting around here…

Work is ramping up in a major way. I have nine courses assigned to me, as well as several other “special” projects. I’m excited that I joined this team at such a critical time, but am a little daunted as I’m really learning on the fly. It’s definitely a relief to know there are no stupid questions when you are new.

Crockpot meal prep

Picked up some squashes and zucchini that a friend brought back from Kansas. Seriously, this zucchini is the biggest I’ve ever seen. And the butternut squash she gave me made a TUB of soup.

Roasted squash

Squash soup

We went on our first “date night” since Kaitlan was born. I always rolled my eyes at people who called it a date night, but I literally felt like a giddy 12-year-old out with my husband without her. We went for dinner at Broadway Brewery and shared a cone at Sparky’s. Definitely want to do a movie next!

Kaitlan's Books

Getting quite a bit of reading in, both to Kaitlan and for myself. I was so worried I would lose that part of my existence and although I’m definitely reading faster and not finishing as many books, I’m still doing at least one every two weeks — as long as they aren’t super long. Makes my heart happy, and excited to raise my own little reader…

My latest reads...

What’s going on in your world?

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  • Chrissy says:

    I love old school blogging! And I wish I had some of your cooking mojo. I need to get back on a schedule or meal plan of some kind. There’s nothing stopping me, yet I am so unmotivated! But after looking at that butternut squash soup, I’m feeling inspired.