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Random Foodie Find: “Crazy Apples” flavored with Grapes and Pomegranate?

By June 28, 2011Food, Funny


I can not resist the new and unfamiliar when I go to the grocery store. If I’ve never had it, I have to try it. Maybe we’ve been hiding in a cave lately, but has anyone else seen these? Apples flavored with grape and pomegranate? They were strategically placed right in the main path through the produce section, and therefore unavoidable to my curiosity. I picked one up and took it home for an after-gym snack.

The Apple

I know, it’s probably really silly to get all excited about an apple, a small apple at that, but I couldn’t help myself. We all had a bit of the apple. Clive and the cats each got a little piece and Neil and I shared the rest. It does taste like grape throughout, but I really only got a sense of the pomegranate the closer we got to the core. All in all an odd little fruit, but an inexpensive way to make Monday a little more exciting.

Are you weak to new things you find at the grocery store?