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Sometimes the best laid Sunday plans…

By June 24, 2012June 28th, 2012Food, Funny, Gardening, Jessica


Sunday morning. I had an easy three miles planned. I pad into the kitchen to find that Neil had eaten the last banana (not bitter). I check the temperature, and it’s already far hotter than I’d anticipated, so I scrapped the run. I decided to make it a slow morning and bake my breakfast. I have zucchini, so of course, zucchini bread sounds fantastic. I found a recipe for Pale Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread, mixed my ingredients and with a confident smile on my face, put it in the oven for an hour.


Bread comes out, looking fantastic! I’m excited, and STARVING. I’m typically good about letting baked goods set, but not this time. I turn it over and PLOP…


It’s not pretty, and the bottom is kind of gooey. I had one of those angel and devil on my shoulder moments where I debated just tossing it or being completely classless and eating it in chunks at the counter in full view of my neighbors, and well, the latter won.


I did try to recoop it a little bit. I turned it over and somewhat assembled the pieces together in a bread-like shape. I’m not completely disgusting for eating it if it doesn’t look as bad right?


…then I carefully sliced a piece and started devouring. For being a hot mess, it tasted amazing! Neil and I have each tackled about half of it today. It didn’t last long. Definitely have to work on my Paleo quick breads some more. While my muffins always turn out perfectly, the breads always seem to taste great but break under the weight of themselves…ideas?


At least one part of today went well though, we have tomatoes!