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Start ’em early

By March 12, 2015Exercise, Jessica, MK, Running

So as I mentioned in our weekly meal planning post, the schedule at our gym has changed, pushing childcare back to the 6:30 pm class, which some parents might know puts us dangerously close to the “witching hour.”


I think the biggest thing I overlooked going into parenting is that going to bed is a routine and process all it’s own. She doesn’t just get tired and decide to go to bed. She fights it, sometimes minimally, but sometimes quite ardently. When babies hit this point every night, they act like that drunk roommate you always had to scrape off the bar in college. They are sloppy, whiny,  and all over the place.

Needless to say, this has added a fun new hurdle to our week as we scramble to make meals even more convenient and trade off days. It’s Thursday, and I’ve only been to the gym once this week. Yup, not awesome.


But we’re trying to get creative. Yesterday, while Neil was at the gym, I took Kaitlan for an hour walk. I’d like to work my way to running with the stroller, but today, we just did an hour walk through every hilly area of our neighborhood I could think of. As it’s getting warmer, I’m even doing double-duty by walking the dogs when Neil gets home. I am so relieved spring is almost here.

I’m also relieved that Kaitlan LOVES the stroller. She snoozed while I pushed. We live in a gorgeous old neighborhood full of shaded little dead end streets to explore (most of them up-hill), so I have a lot of fun ahead of me! I can’t wait till she’s old enough to walk/run with me.